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Planned Parenthood of New York City

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The Last Colony


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Black Girl, Nonspeaking

Academy at Urban Arts Partnership

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A Letter to My Future

The Children's Aid Society

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Deaf Film Camp at Mark Seven Deaf Foundation

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Five Under Five is a one-of-a-kind, one month long, online slam poetry contest.

A series of five videos, each under five minutes long, feature slam poets paired with an instrumentalist to create a new genre melding music video storytelling and slam poetry.

We are sharing the voices of those largely ignored by the film industry and exploring diverse themes of identity and belonging, all while raising money for charity and the artists and crew involved. 

You, the viewer, are the judge. You watch the videos. Then, you vote for your favorite by donating to it to support the charity it is competing for as well as the artists and  hardworking lead crew members that worked on the videos. 

Whichever video gets the most votes, and hence raises the most money, wins everyone ELSE'S money.  Half of all that is raised goes to the Charity attached to the winning video and the other half gets divided among the hardworking cast and crew.  

The stakes are high. Are you in?